Know Your Facts: Bernardo Yorba Trivia

Want to amaze and impress your fellow students and teachers? Use these facts in your next conversation and tell your listeners that you read them first in The Matador Messenger.

 The photos in the slideshow are courtesy of the BYMS library, 1976 and 1978 yearbooks. If you look closely, you may see Mrs. Miller, counseling secretary, as a matador yearbook editor. Also, BYMS once had a full sports program with competitive teams playing other schools in the district. Dig those hairstyles and fashions!


  • 60% of the students that go to Bernardo Yorba Middle School have

managed to work their way into the academic honor rolls

  • In 1970, Bernardo Yorba Middle School opened
  • The Placentia Yorba District dates back to 1874
  • Bernardo Yorba is rated 4 out of 5 stars by local people
  • 13,329 acres of land was given to Bernardo Yorba by the Mexican government because they had a big debt to pay him
  • Bernardo Yorba is considered a National Blue Ribbon School and a California Distinguished School.
  • Yorba was the owner of the land and Linda means “beautiful” in Spanish making Yorba Linda
  • Bernardo Yorba called the land “Rancho de Santa Ana”
  • When Bernardo Yorba died the land was split up between his three wives and his 21 children

Sources:,, BYMS El Matador 1976, 1978 yearbooks.