Great Shake Out Prepares BYMS


Photo Courtesy of Delaney Durham

“I think it is good to practice emergency drills because if something happens, it will be pretty chaotic,” stated Mr. Steve Marshall, BYMS Assistant Principal about the Great Shake Out at BYMS. This emergency practice drill took place at 10:16 am on Thursday, October 16th.

More than 20 million people were set to take cover reported. California has 10.32 million people registered making it the most participation. New Zealand, Japan, Southern Italy and parts of Canada also took part in this drill.

BYMS students were alerted at 10:16 am over loudspeaker to duck and cover and hold on to the nearest object. Students were then evacuated to the blacktop near the basketball courts with their class.

“I thought the drill went well. The students did a nice job of staying in line and following directions,” said Mr. Marshall.