Vocal Music Student of the Week: Gavin Braun

Gavin Braun, eighth grade vocal ensemble student, has been selected by Mrs. Nason as “BYMS Vocal Musician of the Week

“Gavin is always on task, daily focusing on learning and singing the music. Gavin also kindly helps those sitting near him who may need help on our music theory packets where we learn about the signs and symbols of music,” said Mrs. Linda Nason, Bernardo Yorba’s choir director. Gavin Braun is an eighth grader at Bernardo Yorba currently in Vocal Ensemble.

Gavin’s goal this year is to learn how to achieve higher falsetto notes and learn to read music more fluently. When finding out he was chosen for choir student of the week, Gavin said, “Mrs. Nason is the best choir teacher I have ever had. Her choosing me is awesome and I’m very thankful.”

“Gavin is a role model to the other students because, when it is time to sing. Gavin takes his place in his section, the baritone section, and sings with confidence and precision,” stated Mrs. Nason. Keep up the good work, Gavin. Great job!