Social Studies Student of the Week: Beth Conrad

“Beth is a quiet contentious leader that has a wonderful positive attitude,” stated BYMS social studies teacher, Mr. Drew Spoonhower who selected Beth as his seventh grade “BYMS Social Studies Student of the Week” from his honors class.

When Beth was notified of the selection  she was very surprised.

“I enjoy the different class discussions we have, the sometimes silly, but fun videos or songs related to the topic we are studying and the exciting and fun atmosphere in Mr. Spoonhower’s class. It is something to look forward to each day I come to school,” stated Beth.

Beth loves social studies but sometimes she thinks the “Thinking like a Historian” bell work questions are just a bit challenging to her. Other than social studies, Beth also loves to read and draw in her free time.

Beth said, “Mr. Spoonhower is one of my favorite teachers at BYMS because he makes learning social studies interesting and exciting!”

Congratulations, Beth!

“Beth is very creative and smart on how she used her critical thinking skills and her leadership for the Justinian Code activity, Beth is always ready to learn with a positive attitude and a warm smile,” stated BYMS teacher, Mr. Spoonhower.