Staff Profile: Mr. Marshall

Photo Courtesy of Mia Ferrell

Photo Courtesy of Mia Ferrell

“Looks like a great place to work and go to school.” New BYMS assistant principal said regarding his first impressions. “The teachers all work very hard to give the students a great learning experience and the students are all very nice!”


He started at Esperanza high school as a campus supervisor and wrestling coach. He then taught there and was the head wrestling coach for 12 years. He became the Dean of students for two years and then was the assistant principal for four years. He moved to Kraemer MS as the assistant principal for five years.


“I hope that our students not only strive to be their best academically, but I want them to become good, caring adults. I want them to dream big and aim high!” He said. He isn’t planning on anything major so far. “We changed the detention program a little. School wide detentions are now an hour and run by teachers, in their classrooms.”


“I want teachers to make connections with students. Connected students are successful students

I want both teachers and students to work hard and have some fun along the way.” Mr. Marshall said about his goals. He grew up in Anaheim hills, went to Canyon high school, then USC, Fresno and Cal State Fullerton.


He would want a student to know that he loves working with kids and they are always encouraged to come up and ask questions or just say hello.


“As a former coach, I have many,” he said, “One of my favorites is: ‘If it doesn’t kill you it makes you stronger.’ Every time we have to overcome an obstacle in life, we learn and grow from that. The next time, those same obstacles seem smaller and easier to deal with.”