How to Stay Safe at Concerts


The recent death of nine people, hundreds other others injured attending the Travis Scott concert at Astroworld in Houston, Texas on November 5th has brought a renewed focus to the importance of safety measures that must be taken by concert promoters, and vendors, but also individual concert-goers that may find themselves at risk attending what should be a joyous and safe event. 

Authorities have attributed many of the deaths and injuries at the concert to overcrowding and crowd rushes. Keith Still, a visiting professor at the University of Suffolk who specializes in crowd safety and crowd risk analysis explained in a New York Times article titled, “These disasters highlight the problems that people face in places of public assembly.”

According to the same source,  Steve Adelman, a lawyer and the vice president of Event Safety Alliance, an advocacy group, “The most common cause of injury and death in crowds is compressive asphyxia, when people are pushed against one another so tightly that their airways become constricted.”

So what is a concertgoer to do when faced with an unsafe crowding situation? advises that when attending a concert, “you should start to take a mental note of all the exits in a venue as soon as you arrive.”

Additionally, be aware of other options for exiting the venue just in case of crowd surges or crushes.

“The natural urge is to use the same entry when you exit, not because it’s safer, but it’s familiar,” adds Paul Wertheimer, one of the world’s leaders on crowd safety.

If caught in a crowd rush, always try your best to stay on your feet. This will help you to not be hurt or trampled. Other ways to stay safe in a crowd rush are to conserve energy which means not screaming, fighting, or pushing, instead of this you can point, wave, or even use your eyes to draw attention somewhere. As well as keeping your hands up like a boxer this allows you to protect your chest and allows movement, says  If you´re able to get out of a crowd rush or see the signs of one about to happen, leave as soon as possible.

Compounding the issue of crowd safety is the problem of a concertgoer becoming dehydrated which can cause a person to pass out and become trampled in an overcrowded event. offers these tips for hydration. Always bring two water bottles instead of one, bring sports drinks, and while there eat hydrating foods. According to ¨19 Water-Rich Foods That Help You Stay Hydrated¨ published by Brianna Elliot in, some of the most hydrating foods are watermelon, strawberries, peaches, oranges, cucumber, and broths and soups. adds some other easy tips for staying safe at a venue such as wearing light clothing and not weighing yourself down with many layers. Before attending a concert make sure to drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration and passing out.

So, whether you are attending Lovelytheband, Snoop Dogg, or even Tool remember, to keep your eyes open, body hydrated, and enjoy the event safely using these tips.