Little Known Facts About A Well-Known Company


Walt Disney is a name that has gone down in history. Disneyland, his animated films, and the countless model trains he built make up the thriving, well-known legacy he left behind for so many to enjoy. Behind the scenes, though, every single success has stories. In Disney’s case, these stories contain little facts and small details that can be so odd they’re hard to believe. Even to this day, with Mr. Disney resting in “Neverland”, his largely famous movies have innumerable obscure secrets. 

Disney’s Frozen had many, many concept ideas that didn’t make it into the final film. For example, Elsa was supposed to be the antagonist in Frozen, but the song “Let It Go” shone such a light that the directors made her the anti-villain. Additionally, Anna is the first-ever Disney princess to have a musical duet with a villain – hence the song “Love is An Open Door


In Pochahontas, numerous facts and information can be found. According to, two of the most recognizable characters in the movie, Meeko and Grandmother Willow, almost didn’t appear in the movie. Meeko was originally going to be a talking red turkey, but the makers of the movie wanted all the animals to be mute. Grandmother Willow was almost “Old Man River”. Nonetheless, she has grown to be a strong and distinguished character in Pocahantas’s story. 


Similar to Disney movies, Disney resorts have multiple tidbits. For example, according to, the American pavilion in Epcot in Disney world displays an American Flag artifact from 9/11. In Disneyland Resort, it’s not allowed to bring miniature horses into the park, as stated by signs located throughout California Adventure Park. The reason you cannot find a single water fountain in the park isTight money forced Walt Disney to choose between restrooms and drinking fountains, according to, and when asked about his decision and accused of forcing his customers to buy soft drinks, he replied, “People can buy Pepsi-Cola, but they can’t pee in the street!”

Walt Disney Studios has created many memorable experiences for families all over the globe. And in doing so, they left countless clues and fun facts for people to find out. Although Walt Disney died in 1966, he is still influencing the world today in positive ways. It seems that one of the best ways to honor Walt Disney is to remember his motto: Dream, Believe, Dare, Do.