“The Power of Love” Takes Erica Zhang to the Next Level


     Recently, Erica Zhang took  third-place prize in the Orange County and Los Angeles County Reflections competitions for her song “The Power of Love.”  Her composition just advanced to the next level.  

      Erica Zhang has been playing piano for seven years since she was five years old. She is currently at level 10 in piano after taking a CM test (a test that provides a standardized music curriculum for musical excellence in performance based on technique and skill).

      Erica first entered the Reflections competition in 2018 but, at the time, she felt she was not fully ready yet, so she decided to try once more in 2021.  Her first composed song was called “Under the Wings of Angels,” which took first place last year. 

      Her song “Under the Wings of Angels” represents angels bringing peace to the earth and creating a better outlook. “In the beginning, there’s melancholy in the song. At the climax, the angels arrive and bring tranquility to Earth, meaning that things will eventually get better, and now in 2021, it already is!” explained Erica Zhang in the article: Erica Zhang “Under the Wings of Angels.”

       During the interview, Erica mentioned that her process of song composure is by randomly creating a melody in her head. If it is not written down, the melody will eventually slip her mind. At the beginning of the summer of 2020, Erica started to have random inspirations, which led her to compose many new songs. 

       The song “The Power of Love” debuted 6 months ago, and the meaning behind it is that even through hard times and obstacles, love brings out the best in people and can often reunite and inspire people to come together for love. She has currently written a total of two songs and is currently working on a new song.

      Erica has a YouTube channel called “Erica Zhang,” where she posts her new and old compositions including “Under the Wings of an Angel” and “The Power of Love,” where she shows some of her favorite hobbies ranging from drawing to piano composition. 

        Some advice Erica gives to those who want to learn how to play the piano is, “just go for it, it is definitely not an easy instrument to master but it takes time and practice, slow and steady, just take it slow, don’t rush, and just enjoy.”