Which is Favored: Classical or Pop Music?

Which is Favored: Classical or Pop Music?

Around the world, studies have shown that many people listen to music globally. At least 51% listen to pop every day according to statista.com, while classical music is at 35% according to abcnet.com. Pop is one of the more popular genres of music, yet classical music has many sacrilegious interpretations of it. Four students were given a form with questions regarding the topic of both pop and classical music, and the results were given in the overall average.


Onassis Lim, Rebecca Wilson, Yoyo Ciao, and Isabella Spaulding were each given a form to fill out to show which genre is more popular. The students were also given two pieces of music to listen to, then record how they felt about it. 


The first piece they were given to listen to was called “Spring” by Vivaldi. “It made me feel the environment of the crisp springtime when you wander for hours more on a pleasant day admiring the cherry blossoms, and the hint of a breath that blows your hair into your hair,” stated Rebecca Wilson, a student from Bernardo Yorba Middle School. 


The next piece of music the students were given was called,” Since U Been Gone” By Kelly Clarkson. “ This song made me feel very upbeat and as if I wanted to dance. “ Onassis Lim stated. “Honestly gives me early 2000 vibes. It was average, I could probably listen to it in the car or something. Sounds like a breakup song, to be honest.” Yoyo Ciao states. 


Beforehand, each student was given four pieces of music and was then asked how many pieces they knew. Those pieces were “Summer” by Vivaldi, “ Since U Been

Gone” By Kelly Clarkson, “Czardas” by Monti, and “Hey Ya!” by Outkast. 75% of students knew “Summer”, 50% knew “Since U Been Gone”, 25% Knew Czardas, and 50% knew “Hey Ya!”. 


Both were chosen with 50% of students voting for each. “I would much rather prefer the genre of Pop as the factor of lyricism attracts me. This is a factor that classical music does not contain and it plays a big part in pop as it could be very poetic and tell a story,” Lim stated. “Out of these two songs, I prefer classical music better. I can immerse myself in it better so I would say I like classical more,” Ciao states.