CAPA Studios: “You Don’t Have to be Gifted. Just Have the Courage to Come and Have Fun”

Studio offers voice and instrumental lessons in addition to dance.


CAPA Studios

“CAPA is one of a kind. You really can’t find another studio like it. Not only do we offer 45 different dance classes each week, but we have several other lessons like voice, piano, violin, guitar, and drums as well,” stated Theresa Sahyoun, the director of Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts (CAPA) a Christian dance academy located in Anaheim. 

Fundamentally, anyone can sign up regardless of religion. The monthly rate for a thirty-minute class is $45, forty-five minute class is $50, an hour class is $55, an hour and fifteen minute class is $58, an hour and thirty minutes is $60, a two hour class is $63, and a single “drop in” class is $15. (Note: other prices will be listed on their website.) 

 CAPA’s beginnings were small in comparison to its size now.  CAPA was founded in April, 2011. Despite its small beginning, CAPA has been a passionate dance academy for eight years. “… I do know we are about 4x as big as we were since our first show,”stated Mrs. Sahyoun.  Not only that, but they were able to extend their variety of classes.


 Sophie Mathison, a BYMS seventh grade student who attends the academy, explained what the dancers do on a typical day in a CAPA ballet class. “ First, we start by warming up on the bars, then we take the bars away and do work without them. For example, we do ‘tondues’ (stretching our feet). After that, we sometimes work on ‘glissades’(sliding on our feet and jumping to the side.)” 

According to the Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts website, “Our academy offers classical ballet instruction in which students learn the correct French terminology for exercises, correct body posture, and how to safely execute exercises to minimize injury.” CAPA has helped a girl named Marqay “ by strengthening me and I enjoy being on stage.” 


Jazz is less structured than ballet,  but CAPA’s dance instructors treat it with the same care. Jazz dancers learn basic ballet technique, as well as jazz technique. You don’t have to take multiple classes for jazz to keep in shape until you reach level two or higher.

   Hip Hop

Hip hop is all about an attitude and confidence. Whilst in hip hop classes, students learn age appropriate moves, “along with conditioning and strengthening muscles.” according to the website Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts


In tap class, “the music is made with our feet.” According to Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts, students will learn tap technique, including Broadway and Rhythm styles.


Contemporary is a mixture of the classical ballet technique, modern technique, and the instructor’s own individual style. First, the dancers’ dance form may look unstructured and free, when in reality, it takes equally as much strength, flexibility, and stamina as ballet and/or jazz. Once a dancer is placed in Level 2 or higher, they must take a minimum of one ballet class to provide well-rounded training.


“Every child is born with an instrument, a voice. At CAPA, we encourage making a joyful noise unto the Lord while building a healthy vocal foundation,” as attested by Cornerstone Academy of Performing Arts website. Once you join this class, the instructors focus on breathing techniques, pitch control, and lessons to develop each student’s individual vocal skills. The academy offers classes for all ages, preschool through adults. 

Private Lessons for Music

Their music program is currently offering private lessons for Violin, Bass, Guitar, Music Theory, Piano, and more. Lessons cost $25 per half hour lesson and is at Cornerstone Church. They are available to students ages 5 and up. Students learn improvisation, how to play music styles that interest them, proper technique, and worship principles.

“ I have several goals for CAPA but the most important would be, first, to bring glory and honor to the Lord, and to help dancers recognize where their gift of dance came from and why it was given to them.” explained Theresa Sahyoun.

“As you can see, you don’t have to be gifted to go to CAPA, you just need to have the courage to come and have fun. Marqay explains “ I’ve been going to CAPA for 5 years, and one word for these years would be fun and exciting.” 


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