Music for Inspiration

Ten very inspiring songs that you could recommend to anyone and have no curse words are great songs.


  1. Fly Away by Fat Rat

This song is very inspiring and gives you a lot of confidence. It is very calming and relaxing.

  1. I Believe By Disney

I believe is a very empowering song and gets you pumped up.

  1. Rise by Jonas Blue

         Rise is a good and inspiring because it shows that power that                        lives inside you so in a way don’t give up.

  1. Overtime by Cash Cash

        The song itself sounds like work but it gives you so much power in yourself.

  1. Black magic by Little Mix

         The whole group is all on deck. It’s not just 1, 2, or 3 girls, they include everyone.

  1. Power by Little Mix

         Power is all about girl power. (#girlpower) You can be a girl and be a CEO to a high-end business and wear jogging pants and a baggy shirt and it’s still ok because that’s your style and no one can change that.  

  1. Kiss the Sky by Cash Cash

         This song is kind of like fly away but was made first and is the perfect to dance to and get out of the binge mood.

  1. No money by Galantis

         No money is about being yourself and is a really cool and inspiring song.

  1. Mama said by Lukas Graham

          This song is inspiring on many levels. It wants you to be yourself    in anyway possible.

  1. Wings by Little Mix

        I know I’ve listed three songs of theirs but this song is one is a fun song for little kids and for adults.