5 Guilty Pleasure Television Shows Everyone Should Check Out

Life gets dull when you have nothing interesting to change it up from time to time. A wonderful way to add spice into your routine is to introduce yourself to some of the most unique shows on T.V.. These shows make a perfect concuction of odd, satisfying, and interesting that make them some of our favorite “guilty pleasure” shows.

Knife or Death

The country’s most experienced martial artists, bladesmiths and knife experts stab, slice and chop their way through some of the most daunting obstacles they have ever seen.” – History

Featured on the History channel, Knife Or Death shows expirencened martial artists and bladesmiths and plain knife experts battle by chopping through various obstacle courses. This show demonstrates different experts using different knives trying to prove each knife’s power.

This show fulfills the guilty pleasure label by showing a very interesting mix of craftsmanship and danger. The game show-like format makes the somewhat educational tone of the show much more interesting and unique. It’s the type of show you save in your DVR and binge one night when you feel like there’s nothing better to do.


Check out a clip here.


Two Fat Ladies

“Clarissa and Jennifer are to long-time friends who enjoy driving on their motorcycle and cooking ethnic foods according to where they live.” – IMDB

This less-than politically correct show aired back 1996, their last episode going live September 28 1999. Regardless, many people still consider this england’s best cooking show. In the political climate today, no channel would be willing to release a show with that sort of title but it’s a very enjoyable show to get a good laugh out of – especially if you love cooking shows.

The guilty pleasure part of this show is it’s somewhat offensive but humorous tone. It’s not a show that you boast about to your friend group but it’s something you can watch when you’re feeling like you need a couple of fat ladies and food to keep you company.


Check out a clip here.


My Strange Addiction

“”Strange” doesn’t seem to adequately describe some of the addictive behaviors profiled on this series. “Dangerous,” even “life-threatening,” come much closer. Each half-hour episode features two adults who resort to extreme compulsions in an effort to soothe their emotional demon.” – TLC

This is definitely one of the more popular shows on this list. Everyone has probably seen at least one clip of My Strange Addiction, and the title is fairly self explanatory about what type of show it is. Each episode introduces two people, each with a strange addiction. These addictions can be anything, ranging from bleaching skin to eating different types of glass and bullets (yes, these are real examples from the show).

The guilty pleasure scale was made from this show. Everyone likes to watch some less than normal people show off their less than normal things every now and again to be reminded that: hey! You’re pretty normal. This show is either a love it or hate it. It isn’t for everyone but it’s easy to fall into a hole of strange addictions.


Check out a clip here.



Hoarders is an often painful look inside a disease that can bury its sufferer — literally at times — in its symptoms.” -Google

Hoarding is something we’ve all playfully accused someone or been accused of, but the reality of the condition is not only interesting but incredibly entertaining to watch. Just watching an episode of this show can make you feel like spring cleaning for the next ten years should come early so you won’t end up with a house so cluttered walking can be difficult.

The guilty pleasure measure is quite high with this one, as not a lot of people will admit to like watching a show that features a person being far too sentimental with everything. It’s worth checking out; if not for guilty pleasure purposes just to have a glimpse into a terrifyingly messy lifestyle.


Check out a clip here.

Untold Stories Of The ER

“Doctors recount the most memorable cases they’ve ever encountered. Unusual, touching, humorous or life-changing – no story is too big or too small when it comes to the ER. The patients’ lives are hanging in the balance and it’s up to the doctors to save them.” -TLC

Needless to say: Untold Stories Of The ER is for those who have stronger stomach than most. Some of these tales can get quite gruesome. Nothing is off limits on this show where some of the most shocking emergencies are recreated for our view pleasure. Cases such as a tree branch going through a man’s neck (he lived, no worries) and a newborn being fetched from a toilet are all placed front and center on this show.

These odd medical cases place Untold Stories Of The ER is a one of a kind show that doesn’t get aired often but it’s something that many people are reluctantly addicted to. Some of the cases with make you cringe and make a sharp inhale as doctors tell the stories they’ve experienced. Most are far from settling, but that’s what we love about it.

Check out a clip here.