Photography Tips Everyone Could Use


Summer is right around the corner, and with summer comes the picture of vacationing, friends, family and food.

Have you ever been frustrated that your picture hasn’t turned out the way you wanted? Here are some tips to make sure that doesn’t happen again!

Let’s start with the obvious; don’t shake your camera and make sure you clean your lense. The more you shake your camera, the less it will focus. And if you don’t clean your lense, it’ll just look dirty.

Now if you try to take a picture of wildlife Digital Photography School has got 10 tips to help out.

  1. Know your gear
  2. Know your subject
  3. Know the “rules” | Break the “rules”
  4. Work the light
  5. Shoot wider | Shoot Closer
  6. The More, the Merrier
  7. How low can you go???
  8. The Content-Technicals Dichotomy
  9. Patience isn’t a virtue…it’s a necessity

Time for one of the more popular types of pictures. Food, Friends and Family. According to IphonePhotographySchool one of the main things that you have to do when taking a picture of food, is think of color. And along with color, take the picture at the best angle possible.

When taking pictures of friends and families, Envato tuts says that the best way to take pictures of people is to use your imagination. “ Have fun, and if you don’t know much about your camera settings yet, just put your camera into an automatic mode (most cameras have an automatic Portrait mode you can use) and concentrate on making some beautiful photos”

And last tip for now,  when taking pictures of you vacationing spots, Tom’s Guides  has great tips.

  1. Taking pictures at key moments, such as traveling from point A to point B, will help build a narrative of your journey.
  2. Always try to keep a decent camera within arm’s reach, even if it’s just your smartphone.
  3. Use a self-timer or selfie stick (if you must)

  4. Take scenic shots (but don’t overdo it)

  5. Be prepared to capture the local wildlife

  6. Capture candid moments

  7. Shoot memorable meals

  8. Photograph the locals

  9. Find unique ways to photograph landmarks

  10. Go to a local event or festival

  11. Don’t overlook the details

  12. Include your travel companions in your photos

  13. Look for interesting architecture

  14. Remember to shoot interior spaces

  15. Shoot from a high vantage point