Harbin Ice Festival Attracting Large Portions of Guests


Photo courtesy by traveller.com

Harbin city might be the coldest city in the weird, but that’s not stopping the millions of people who go each year.China annually has an international Harbin Ice and Snow sculpture festival from December 24 to February 25. It is now the largest ice and snow festival in the world (600,000 square meters), according to chinahighlights.com.

10 to 15 million visitors annually, and it first began in 1985. The temperature in January during the daytime ranges from negative 13 to negative 24 celsius. Also, more than 50 farmers work 20 days to supply the ice and snow sculptures, and 10,000 people work to cut and haul the blocks of ice, according to chinahighlights.com.

The tallest ice sculptures for The Harbin Festival reach to 46 feet tall, according to china.com.

Some of the statues built for the Harbin Festival include: hotels, restaurants, towers, castles, illuminated sculptures, giant statues of people and objects, pools, pathways, ornaments, etc.

All of the Ice comes from the extensive Songhua River that actually goes through the city (Harbin city). The Songhua Rivers is covered in a thick layer of ice during Winter. Farmers carve out huge ice blocks from the river so, the Songhua shore is littered with Ice blocks, according to abcnews.go.com.

The farmers wake up at 4 am and finish at sunset. They use hooks to pull the Ice out, which is backbreaking work. “It’s a legacy job that many had for years and few are in line to inherit, and the youngest member of the crew was 40 years of age, according to abcnews.go.com.