Hangtime: The First Dive Coaster On The West Coast, Soon To Open At Knott’s Berry Farm

Knott’s Berry Farm has revealed plans to open a new attraction “Hangtime”, the first dive coaster on the West Coast, in the summer of 2018.


Photo Courtesy Of themeparkduo.com

A dive coaster is a steel coaster where riders experience the rush of free-falling with a drop at about a 90- degree angle. Some of the dive coasters in the U.S are “Full Throttle” at Six Flags Magic Mountain, “Wicked Twister” at Cedar Point in Sandusky, Ohio, and “Cannibal” at Lagoon in Farmington, Utah, according to USA Today.

The surf-themed coaster includes a 96-degree drop, speeds up to 57 mph on 2,198 feet of the track according to ocregister.com. The ride even includes a section where a track appears missing but really the riders are plummeting down, on what is said to be California’s steepest roller coaster drop. According to the Los Angeles Times, roller coaster fanatics have been waiting for ample amounts of time to reveal a significant roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm.

The last extreme roller coaster added to Knott’s Berry Farm was “Silver Bullet” which was announced on December 1, 2003, and was opened on December 7, 2004, according to rcdb.com.

This new ride will be placed on the Knott’s Berry Farm Boardwalk in the summer of 2018. In addition, Hangtime will be placed in the area where Boomerang was located. Unfortunately, Boomerang closed in April after 27 years of service, according to The Los Angeles Times. Just recently, Knott’s Berry Farm started adding thrill rides to appeal to a wider audience.

“We haven’t had any big expansions, though we’ve added family rides in the past few years. We felt it was time to go back and put the thrills back into the park,” stated Jeff Gahagan, Knotts’ Vice President of Maintenance and Construction, as reported by ocregister.com.