Wilson Conducts Summer Enrichment Musicians with “Structure and Humor”

PYLUSD students make music in “Sensational Strings”, “Beginning Strings”, “Rockin’ Recorders” and “Jammin’ in the Band”


“I want each student to get better on their musical instrument and for all my students to enjoy music, “ stated Mr. Bob Wilson, “Sensational Strings”, “Beginning Strings”, “Rockin’ Recorders” and “Jammin’ in the Band” classes at Lakeview Elementary School during the PYLUSD Summer Enrichment Program of 2017.

“Sensational Strings” is designed for advanced string players, from 4th to 7th grade. The class is taught by Mr. Wilson, who during the academic school year is a traveling elementary instrumental teacher and has been teaching music for nearly 20 years

Teaching musicians as young as third grade through seventh grade, with different levels of expertise can present a number of challenges. “One of the big challenges is to provide music for students of very different musical abilities. Another is having so many different instruments in one class, such as the beginning instruments class,” stated Mr. Wilson.

Annesha Cain, a violinist and incoming sixth grader at Golden Elementary, appreciates Mr. Wilson’s instruction which she says he “ balances “with a great sense of humor.

“ He is strict in a funny way,” explained Annesha. “One time someone played some extra notes on a piece of music that we were practicing as a class. Mr. Wilson asked if the student wanted a solo. Everyone laughed, including the “soloist” and we were able to get back on track.”

When he is not traveling from PYLUSD elementary school and  designing and teaching lessons for his young musicians, Mr. Wilson likes to find time to ski in the mountains, play golf, and travel.

“Last year I traveled to Alaska which was quite beautiful with all its natural resources including rivers, streams, forests, glaciers, wild animals and so much more.”

“I love the mountains and I am an avid snow skier. I dabble a little in golf, and I also enjoy traveling and have been to every state in the United States as well as many foreign countries,” explained Wilson.