Beyond the World of Harry Potter: Teens Recommend Summer Reading




You just finished all seven books of the magical tale of Harry Potter and loved it. You are now looking for a new series for summer reading but just don’t know where to start. We asked a number of teen readers for recommendation on books with similar plots to help fill your summer reading pleasures.


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1)  Percy Jackson and the Olympians      

Percy Jackson and the Olympians or more commonly referred to as just Percy Jackson, is a series by Rick Riordan. It consists of five books about a young hero and his adventures as the son of Poseidon.

Percy Jackson  is at Camp Half Blood, a camp for Greek demigods, where he meets his friends for life Annabeth, his girlfriend, Grover, a satyr who is Percy’s protector, Tyson, Percy’s half-brother who is a cyclops, and many characters.

Megan Gwilt is a cosplayer on a Youtube channel called The Heroes of Olympus, and her instagram is @pipxr.m.  She cosplays as Piper Mclean on the channel and really enjoys Percy Jackson. She enjoys it because of “how relatable and interesting the characters and storyline is. You can go on an adventure with all of the characters and enjoy the time you have with them. they feel real.”

“I like that the Percy Jackson series highlights the fact that anyone can be a hero. All of the demigods face hardships and trials and each of them have their own problems through the series.Through their quests and everything, we see they learn to deal with these problems and usually they work through them in healthy ways,” Megan stated.

“The series is also fun to read and it teaches some Greek Mythology, not all of it is accurate, though,” stated Megan,” The series is interesting and has action, love and some history weaved together.” “I appreciate that almost all of the love interests and the relationships are healthy and they demonstrate what healthy relationships look like. Honesty there’s so much to like about this series I don’t know how to sum it up quickly. There’s more to love but those are the biggies,” explained Megan.

“My sister did a report on it and I found The Lightning Thief in the school library when I was nine years old. I read it and was hooked within the first paragraph.”

“This is a hard one, probably Percy Jackson. He is such a well rounded character and I feel like I can really relate to him,” stated Megan,”I appreciate how he grows over the course of the series and learns who he is, but we never see Percy as cocky or self-righteous at all.”

“He stays down to earth and I love how he starts out doubting himself and learns where his strengths are but throughout the series we still see him doubt and get insecure. He is real and genuine and he was my first love so I’d say he is my favorite character, although, I do love Piper McLean and Annabeth Chase. Different characters are amazing for different things, but overall I’d say Percy is my favorite,” said Megan.


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2) The Heroes Of Olympus Series

The Heroes Of Olympus Series is a continuing series from Percy Jackson and The Olympians, also by Rick Riordan.  It consists of 5 books of the amazing adventure to stop Gaia, mother earth, from taking over the world and killing the gods.Some new main characters are introduced and old characters are reintroduced.

These new characters consist of: Jason, from Camp Jupiter, a camp for roman demigods, son of Jupiter, Piper, from Camp Half-Blood, daughter of Aphrodite, Leo, from Camp Half Blood, son of Hephaestus, Hazel, from Camp Jupiter, daughter of Pluto, and Frank, from camp Jupiter, Son of Mars.

Tati, who cosplays as Hazel Levesque on the Youtube channel ,The Heroes of Olympus,and her instagram is @hazelevesque She loves the book series because it’s very diverse and easy to connect to.“I love The Heroes of Olympus series because it was one of the first huge chapter books I’ve ever read and it was surprisingly intriguing,” stated Tati.

“I love how diverse it is and how easy it is to connect to the characters. Not only was I reading a hilarious adventure book but I was learning about Greek Mythology too,” Tati added.

Tati also commented, “The first time I heard about it I was in 6th grade and my teacher began reading The Lightning Thief. I wasn’t into fiction at all when I was younger so I hated it. Plus my friend was obsessed with it and kept pushing me to read it. Finally, when I was heading into a different school, my freshman year of highschool, it was a requirement to read Lightning Thief for Summer Homework. In that summer I ended up reading the whole series and the second series, Heroes Of Olympus,” Tati explains.

“My favorite character is probably Leo Valdez. I like him the most probably because he was a funny, Hispanic character that I could easily relate with. His backstory was also intriguing and the fact that he hides his true emotions behind his humor,” stated Tati.


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3) Unwanteds

The Unwanteds series by Lisa Mcmann consists of seven books about Alex and Aaron, twins who are put into separate categories. The 2 categories you can be put in at the age of 13 in Quill are strong, intelligent ,wanteds and artistic unwanteds.

Abigail Vaughn, a big fan of the series, enjoys the series for its adventure and magic and says the series has,”lots of adventure and magic a bit of mystery at times.” She explains,”I saw an add on a game”, and got hooked with the series. She says that her favorite characters are, ”Sky/Alex/Meghan/Lani.”

She explained that she likes Sky ,”Because she has a mysterious and kinda long story to tell a bit like me.” She says she likes Alex,” because he is the main character and has an ongoing fight with his brother like me also mixed feelings about someone(I can relate because of past experiences).”

She likes Meghan “because she is the girl that is authoritative and middle ground in a way also her powers come from singing like me (she has a great voice.)” Abigail also likes Lani because “she was caught telling stories to other kids and likes to write and entertain with stories with adventure.”

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4) The School for Good and Evil

The School for Good and Evil by Soman Chainani consists of 3 books about 2 friends who are opposites, one taken to the School of Good and the School of Evil. Sophie is very pretty and wants to be a princess while Agatha is lonely and wears all black.

When they finally are chosen to go to  the school of Good and Evil by the headmaster, Sophie goes to the school of Evil and Agatha goes to the school of Good. This is because Agatha is really good in her heart and all Sophie ever cares about is going to the school of Good.

Lauren Hofreiter, a fan of the series and a volunteer at Lakeview for the summer school program, likes the series because  of the thrill of each book in the 3 book series and says ,” I like the plot of the books. There are very few plot holes going through the story, and some unexplained things in the earlier books are fixed in the later ones.”

“I like how the main story of the series is present throughout all the books, but in each book, there is also a separate conflict that the characters must work through. The idea of magic in the book is not overdone. The characters and their enemies are not too powerful, and they have to rely on personal skill as well as magical ability to work through their problems and defeat their opponents. There is a good balance of love and action in the story that makes this series very enjoyable and fun to read,” Lauren explains.

Lauren states that,” I found out about the series buy looking in my school library for fiction books. This series was in the front, and all the books were there so I decided to try it. When I went to check it out, the librarian told me that a lot of people who read the books enjoyed them, and that it was a good read.”

Lauren confessed that, ”My favorite character is actually one of the villains in the book, but the idea of her character is very original. Her name is Evelyn, and her power is to have butterflies come off the pattern on her dress, and eavesdrop on the students using them. She causes a lot of problems for the characters and messes with their plans by knowing about them before they happen.”

What series have you read and enjoyed? Send us your lists and comments and we will update our article adding more suggestions for our readers’ summer ( and fall, spring…) Meanwhile, happy reading!