Black Mirror Season Three Coming to Netflix

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The UK horror show, “Black Mirror” season 3 will be coming to Netflix with the release of six new episodes Friday, October 21, explained

Black Mirror first aired in 2011, on the UK’s Channel 4, where every episode would feature a new story and new characters. The show also focuses on society today and the effect technology plays in our lives, according to

One episode of Black Mirror titled, “Shut Up and Dance” provides information about search engines where Jerome Flynn and Alex Lather star in, according to newsjs.

Whereas in another episode called “Playtest” where  Wyatt Russell and British actress Hannah John-Kamenand star, according to

“It’s dark, fast paced, makes you think about technology and how we are pretty much one step away from ruining people’s lives with it. And keeps you watching more,” Nikita Cotter, 24 year resident in Manchester, explained in an interview with the Matador Messenger.

“I’m very much looking forward to seeing season three,” Nikita Cotter continues.