Make Your Favorite Food Faster Using Four Simple Food Hacks

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Ever wonder if you could find easier way to make your favorite snacks? We at the Matador Messenger have found simple and easy life hacks to help you prepare your favorite food in no time at all.

Want a simple caramel apple?

Frozen Caramel Apple

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  • Cut an apple in half
  • Pour caramel in the middle
  • Freeze for a couple of hours
  • Cut into slices
  • Enjoy

Running late but you’re having a craving for grilled cheese?

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5 minute Grilled cheese 

  • Get two pieces of your choice of bread and cheese
  • Take an iron and foil
  • Wrap sandwich in foil
  • Use iron to heat it up fro a couple of minutes
  • Open up to check and enjoy

Want an easy way to get detoxed water and keep it cold?

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Dectoxed ice cubes

  • Take an ice tray
  • Grab your choice of fruit
  • Freeze overnight
  • Pop in water and drink up

Don’t wanna have to struggle to try to scoop ice cream out?

Ice cream

  • Take any ice cream
  • Seal the ice cream container into a plastic bag

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Stayed tuned for more life hacks from the matador messenger!