Lets Doodle 4 Google!


Courtesy of businessinsider.com

Have you ever loaded Google and saw those little doodles that use the word GOOGLE in it? Some are for holidays, some are in recognition of an amazing artist or inventor, are even some just for fun!

Calling all young artists. Are you in k-12 grade and like to draw or doodle? Have you ever wanted to have your design on Google? Well, now you can!

Google is holding a contest to all kids k-12 that like to draw and doodle. “What does the future look like? Are cities built in the clouds? Is it a place where everyone gets along – even cats and dogs? Or maybe a world where nobody ever gets sick?”   

“With the Google Homepage as their canvas, kids learn to get creative with their drawings;” according to doodles.google.com.

Kids can use any materials they like for example, food, crayons, markers, pencils, clay, string, and many others to make their doodle.

How do you enter? Simple. First, go to Doodle 4 Google. Then, print or download the entry form. Next, Doodle. After that, write. Write a 50-word statement describing your doodle, your message behind the artwork, or your artistic process. Also fill out the rest of the entry form.

The submission due date is December 2nd. May the best artist win!