“The Dance Spot” Awarded National Victory Cup


Two teams from The Dance Spot in Fullerton were awarded the National Victory Cup at the Starpower competition in Las Vegas, Nevada on Sunday July 17, 2016.

The two teams which were comprised of dancers from ages 9-11 and  12-14 were judged on their technique, presence, skills, creativity, skill level of difficulty, and entertainment value. The dances “Mack the Knife” (on top) and “When Doves Cry” (on bottom) both received the highest award in their category and the Victory Cup.

The teams were asked to advance into a more difficult level of competition called the “Battle of the Stars”. The Battle of the Stars occurs when the top five best numbers in each category are asked to dance again on live television. For the Dance Spot, 13 of their dances qualified for into showcase and three groups received high quality awards.

“All the Dance Spot teachers are thrilled and stoked about how our students have done extremely well in our eyes this year,” Miss Deidre Madrigal stated. In the year of 2017, all teachers are hoping to have a better outcome for the next incoming season.

Next year will be their 37th year teaching. The Dance Spot has been established in the year of 1980. “Every year, the teachers make each dance level a bit harder and have their students stretch. The 21st century kids are going to ‘blow the judges away’,” Miss Deidre said. Here is a review from some of our dancers:

“I am so proud of our hard working group for doing so well!” stated Emma Young team member.


Click this link to watch one of our award winning dances! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yruvzlV1kT