Final Fantasy: Record Keeper Suffers Criticism from its Fans, After Lowered Drop Rates

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Final Fantasy: Record Keeper suffers a large loss of fans after DeNa, the developer of the game, lowered the drop rates of a highly anticipated relics during the Final Fantasy Tactics banner. Final Fantasy: Record Keeper is a free-to-play mobile game for iOS and Android platforms, in which the player traverses the worlds of Final Fantasy by fighting enemies in memorable places from other Final Fantasy games.

One of the main features of this game are relics. Relics are weapons which give certain characters special moves called Soul Breaks, Super Soul Breaks, or Burst Soul Breaks. These moves are very powerful and are very useful for progression in the game. The only problem with relics are that they are very hard to obtain, especially if the player doesn’t spend money. Lots of long time fans of Final Fantasy will likely spend lots of money, trying to get a certain relic for their favorite character or trying to build the perfect team.

During special events there things called banners, in which certain relics are more common for a limited time. People save their money to spend on very useful banners so that they can get the most out of their money, one of these was the Final Fantasy Tactics banner. “Members of the Final Fantasy: Record Keeper community are upset after a perceived lowering of drop rate percentages of highly-valued event items such as the Platinum Sword during the Unsung Heroes Final Fantasy Tactics-themed event, with many feeling it is an attempt to raise more revenue from players paying for chances to receive the rare items,” stated


When asked about the issue, DeNa told, “We are taking the customer feedback very seriously, and we are discussing the possibility of providing greater transparency in terms of drop rates, and investigating areas for improvement in the management of this title, based on the feedback. The Final Fantasy Record Keeper team values the long-term relationship with their fans the most, and aim to maintain the level of trust we have with our loyal and enthusiastic players.”

When asked if they had changed the drop rates, DeNa explained, “We are aware that we could not meet some users’ expectations, and we take the feedback very seriously. And that’s why we are discussing how we can provide greater drop rate transparency so that our fans can make their own decisions based on it to enjoy our title in the future.”

Although DeNa has not said that the drop rates had been lowered, the Final Fantasy Record Keeper subreddit (also known as r/FFRecordKeeper) researched and found out that the banner rates were dropped by 2% apposed to previous banners. This meant that there was only a 10% chance of getting these relics instead of 12%, which may seem like a small difference, but it still makes it even harder to receive the relics than other banners. Their research can be found here.