The Real Animals Behind Finding Dory

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New characters are being introduced in the sequel to the original film Finding Nemo which premieres on June 17, 2016. Finding Dory, the sequel, is based on one of the characters from the first movie, a Pacific-blue tang fish named Dory, trying to find her family.

Of course, characters from the original movie, such as the two clownfish Marlin and Nemo, will once again be mentioned in this sequel. Some other creatures featured in the movie are sea otter pups, Hank, a cantankerous, seven-legged octopus, Bailey, a beluga whale, Crush, a green sea turtle from the original film, Becky, a common loon, Destiny, a whale shark, Fluke and Rudder, sea lions, and Mr. Ray, a spotted eagle mantaray.
In the real world, these characters may not talk, but they all have many intriguing characteristics. Sea otters are popular in Monterey, California and are native on the coasts of the northern and eastern Pacific Ocean. The population of sea otters are slowly decreasing. They are the second smallest marine animal, stated and

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The Seven-Arm Octopus is the second largest species of octopus on Earth, following the Giant Pacific Octopus. The scientific name for the Seven-Armed Octopus is the Haliphron, stated This octopus can grow up to 13 feet and can weigh 165 pounds, added This octopus eats a lot of food at one time, and they love to hunt at night.

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Beluga whales are small in size compared to most other whales, and these whales don’t have a dorsal fin. Belugas have a five-inch thick layer of blubber, according to Calves are born grey or brown, and when they are mature enough around age five, they become white, reported Beluga whales live and travel together in small groups or pods, added

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       The green sea turtle is the second largest turtle after the leatherback. Green sea turtles can weigh up to 500 pounds, according to Unlike other turtle, the green sea turtle is a herbivore and they eat grasses and algae, stated These turtles are generally found in fairly shallow waters, according to

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Common loons are usually found living around North America and some parts of Greenland, Iceland, and Europe stated These birds have very unusual cries. These cries vary from tremolos to yodels added Common loons change colors depending on the season; Summer adults are usually patterned in black and white, and in winter they are grey above and white below, according to “These loons have bright, striking red eyes,” reported                                                                                                                                        Photo By:

Whale sharks are the largest living fish on the planet. Whale sharks belong to a group called Chondrichthyes, which includes sharks, rays, and sea skates, according to Whale sharks live in areas with tropical climates in warm water. Whale sharks swim in deeper waters, so you will most likely not see one by the shore, stated

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Sea lions are marine animals and they are classified as pinnipeds which means they have winged feet. Sea lions are found in many bodies of water all over the world, except in the Northern Atlantic Ocean. Scientists have not discovered why sea lions don’t live there, reported. There are exactly seven species of sea lions in the world, added

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The scientific name for the spotted eagle ray is the Aetobatus narinari. The spotted eagle ray, like all rays, has a skeleton of cartilage. The back of this ray has a symmetrical dot pattern ranging in colors from white to yellowish-green, according to spotted eagle rays live in areas in warm seas around the world, reported

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“Expectations are already high for Finding Dory. After all, Finding Nemo won the 2003 Academy Award for Best Animated Feature. Finding Nemo earned a whopping $921 million at the box office, making it the second highest-grossing film of that year and the biggest opening weekend for any animated film’s U.S. release (May 30, 2003),” according to

Actors in this film that will be voicing the characters include Ellen Degeneres as Dory, Ty Burrell as Bailey, Albert Brooks as Marlin, Diane Keaton as Jenny, Ed O’Neil as Hank, Eugene Levy as Charlie, Kaitlin Olson as Destiny, Vicki Lewis as Flo, and Willem Dafoe as Gill, reported