The Animation Studio Responsible for ‘Legend of Korra’ is Now Releasing a Feature Presentation Dubbed ‘Big Fish & Begonia’


Courtesy of Animation Magazine

Big Fish & Begonia one of the most anticipated Chinese animated movies in years will finally arrive in chinese theaters on July 8, but an international release date is yet to be announced according to animation magazine.

Directed, written and produced by Liang Xuan and Zhang Chun, Big Fish & Begonia is produced by Beijing’s B&T Studio with animation done by Studio Mir. Studio Mir had also worked on the first season of Legend of Korra, before the animation budget ran low and they were replaced, according to Animation magazine.

“No any normal people will do things like what [Xuan and Chun] do,” said Enlight Media’s president Wang Changtian at a press conference last week. “I have to thank the two special people who’ve made this film for their endurance and persistence. A good animated film needs time. It will make the Chinese animation industry proud and will not disappoint anyone who’s been waiting for 12 years.”

The story follows a girl named Chun, who on her 16th birthday is turned into a dolphin so she can explore the human world. During her journey, she is saved by a human, and to bring him back to life she must protect and nurture his soul, which has taken on the form of a tiny fish, stated