Adidas Jacket Becomes The New #thedress

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On the anniversary of #thedress, a picture of an Adidas jacket was posted to tumblr by poppunkblogger. Some people see the jacket as black and brown or green and brown while others see white and blue or green and gold.

Nina, the user behind the tumblr account poppunkblogger, posted the picture of the jacket, not expecting it to blow up the internet. Her friends disagreed on the color of the jacket in the picture according to

Among Nina and her friends, no one saw green and gold. A twitter user, Natalie Tung, was the first to announce that she saw two completely new colors. Another twitter user, @heymonica,  saw the jacket in the original picture as black and tan, but after she  brightened the picture, she clearly saw blue and white reported

Of those who view the jacket, 75%  believe it is blue and white according to a Buzzfeed poll, while a Daily Mail poll shows that only 32% see the jacket as blue and white. In the Daily Mail poll, the majority of the voters saw green and gold.

Do you see green and gold, blue and white, green and brown, or black and brown?