Fire Emblem Fates Sells 300,000 Copies at Launch

Fire Emblem Fates Sells 300,000 Copies at Launch

Fire Emblem Fates, the latest on the Fire Emblem series has sold a total of 300,000 copies between all of its versions at its release on February 19th.

Fire Emblem is one of Nintendo’s first RPGs which was first released in 1990 with the first installment being Fire Emblem: Shadow Dragon in Japan on the Famicom (the equivalent to what we got as the Nintendo Entertainment System). The first Fire Emblem game released in America was Fire Emblem (Which is “Fire Emblem: Rekka no Ken” in Japan which translates to “Fire Emblem: The Sword of Flame”) which released on November 3rd, 2003 on the Game Boy Advance.

“Due to declining sales of the Fire Emblem series, Nintendo had told the Fire Emblem team that if sales of this latest game didn’t reach 250,000 copies, the series would come to an end,” stated The game sold very well, selling a total of 1.9 million copies which boosted popularity of the Fire Emblem franchise and saved the franchise.

Fire Emblem Fates follows your avatar on his/her journey through Nohr in Conquest and Hoshido in Birthright. Some of the new features to the series include the lack of durability on weapons; modifications to the weapon triangle (swords and magic beat axes and bows, axes and bows beat lances and hidden weapons, and lances and hidden weapons beat swords and magic); the My Castle feature in which you build a castle that you use to fight others, collect resources and prepare for battles, and to show off to your friends; improved and cleaner battle transitions; changes to the par up system; and various other new features.

In Fire Emblem Fates, you can choose to buy either Birthright or Conquest, but the game gives you an option to buy the other version as DLC for $20 instead of the regular $40 price for the retail/digital version and a DLC exclusive version called Revelations for $20 that releases on March 10th which is only available after owning and completing both versions.