Miami Police Refuse To Work Security For Beyonce’s Formation World Tour

After Beyonce’s debut of her new song “Formation” at the 50th Super Bowl, some policemen at the Miami Police Department vowed to boycott her performance when she comes to Miami for one of her many concerts in the upcoming Formation World Tour.

In 2016 alone there has been eight shootings in the United States, said Even though seven out of the eight shooters have been white, some still blame Beyonce’s performance for the uprising.

In Beyonce’s performance at the halftime show during the Super Bowl, her and her all-black backup dancers alluded to the Black Panthers, a group started in 1966 that practiced millicent self-defense against the U.S. government, and Malcolm X, a civil rights activist, by wearing black gloves and pumping their hands in the air at the end of her performance.

Even though Beyonce’s intention was to draw attention to Black rights, some think she took the music video, which was taken off of youtube due to too much hate and praise comments, too far. Or so reported. Nevertheless, Beyonce’s tour is still a go and she will be traveling to 41 countries all over the globe for concerts.