Bombisuki Project Produces A New Superhero


A new superhero has arisen, and his name is Bombisuki! Bombisuki, a web character created by Ivy Orozco, who has called it the “Bombisuki Project” according to

Bombisuki is an alien boy who came to Earth with his mother who died from natural disasters. She gave him a necklace that has special powers. They were fleeing from villains in their home planet, who wanted to use Bombisuki’s abilities for evil. He lives in a small community with a candy shop owner and scientist named Hashimoto, and his pet/friend Panda. The necklace that Bombisuki was given can turn him into a crime fighting-robot and can turn Panda into a smart, human boy. Bombisuki and Panda decided to use their power for fighting evil on Earth, according to .

“I love to create characters and I do it as a passion and/or for fun. I was able to make my characters through my dreams and edit it with my own imagination,” stated Ivy Orozco, in an interview with The Matador Messenger. She is currently working on a full, digital comic for Bombisuki and making this a cartoon series for Cartoon Network.

“Hopefully Cartoon Network can make it possible for Bombisuki to become a cartoon series, but that will be a long process,” she said.

Bombisuki can be viewed by copying and pasting the link for his official website,, which has an animation video, storyboards, and comics. the creator’s profile can be viewed on Support Bombisuki by being a fan and spreading the word!