Nintendo Reveals New Upcoming Amiibos

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New Amiibos has been revealed for Super Smash Bros, Animal Crossing Amiibo Party and more has been revealed, according to Nintendo of America.

For Super Smash Bros the new amiibos will include Roy from Fire Emblem, and Ryu from Street Fighter that will come to stores March 18th 2016. Also, the Japan exclusive Famicom Rob will soon be coming to American and European stores, reports Tech Times.

Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival will be receiving four new Amiibos. These will include Timmy & Tommy Nook (placed together on on figure), Rover and Kapp’n are three of the new amiibo characters along with a redux of the Isabella Amiibo that is coming March 18th 2016.

As for The Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess HD an amiibo featuring Wolf Link and Midna will have to be used to unlock a dungeon, according to Nintendo of America.

Though there are no pictures as of January 21, it has been confirmed that an amiibo for Star Fox Zero will be released April 22, reports Tech Times.