Eager Crowd At OC Hit Factory Grand Opening



OC Hit Factory founder Thomas Barsoe, flanked by his wife Anna Barsoe, left, and his mother, Elsa Barsoe, cuts a red ribbon to kick off the grand opening of the new recording studio in Union Market at The District in Tustin on Sunday evening. ///ADDITIONAL INFO: tu.1105.ochitfactory- 11/01/15 – PHOTO BY JEFF ANTENORE, CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHER Ð

“If there is somebody that i feel really passionate about, i just instantly want to help them and see how far they can go,” said Thomas Barsoe, founder of OC Hit Factory, about his newly-renovated space at The District in Tustin which had it’s grand opening on November 1, 2015.

Barsoe’s plan to move OC Hit Factory to The District all started only about a short three months ago. Ever since then he has had construction workers helping around the clock to build the radio station, recording studios, and separate stage built at this trendy new location.

The night started off with Thomas’ speech revealing how “This is a great fit because we also have an amazing venue for our recording artists to perform. This makes us different and stand out. It gives people another reason to come to our market,” as he revealed in his interview with Los Angeles Times.

Throughout the night several artists performed for the eager crowd. The night ended with an  performance from Gavyn Bailey and Jackie Hishmeh signing an acoustic version of “Hotline Bling.”

Thomas’ hopes are for OC Hit Factory to be “accessible for everybody.” So anyone can attempt at making it big with their dream job. The Factory is located at 2493 Park Avenue, Tustin, Ca 92782, and you can contact him for recording sessions or for instrumental/vocal lessons and more information on the official website for OC Hit Factory, www.ochitfactory.com.