Thousands Arrive at First Annual Kaaboo Festival

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Over 15,000 people gather September 18-20, 2015 to enjoy endless art, music, and delicious food at the first annual Kaaboo Festival in Del Mar, San Diego. “Real porcelain toilets. Valet parking. Gourmet eats…and a place to sit down that isn’t muddy dusty or worse,” reports the Press Enterprise, you’re at Kaaboo.

With No Doubt, The Killers, and the Zac Brown Band as headliners, this festival was guaranteed to be good. Tickets sold for $259 and VIP passes for $699.

To benefit the Kindness Charity Organization, Kaaboo donated a dollar from every ticket bought to the program. The organization focuses on spreading random acts of kindness every day. Kaaboo has started this charity and it is their mission to share kindness throughout the world, they focus on charitable acts, reports

When attending the festival, I noticed they achieved their goal of escaping the Coachella college crowd. There was great food and very enjoyable entertainment. They did a great job of tying together music for old souls and lovers of modern music, it was truly an amazing experience.

The mastermind of Kaaboo is Bryan E. Gordon. He tells, “So from our vantage point, while it’s obviously too bad for the city and the producers of Street Scene that it fell by the wayside, it’s encouraging for us that there is an appetite for such an event in San Diego-and for an event that will be uniquely for, and about Southern California. And, hopefully, we can take that legacy and build on it.” Gordon was very passionate on making Kaaboo the best it could be.