Louis Theroux Scientology Documentary

Photo courtesy of  www.theguardian.com

Photo courtesy of www.theguardian.com

Louis Theroux, award winning documentarian premiered his long awaited Scientology documentary on October 14th at the BFI: London Film Festival.

Although Theroux has been working on the documentary since April, according to various sources, this is Louis Theroux’s first time working with BBC Films.Theroux said in an interview with Daily Mail “I’m pleased to be apart of BBC Films, and make my first feature film.”

Theroux also stated “you know historically its proved very hard for any journalist to try to get inside Scientology, and make an access based documentary. But i think we found a creative solution for that.” The documentary is titled My Scientology Movie according to screendaily.com.

The website broadcastnow.co.uk reports the film will follow Louis Theroux as he explores the Church of Scientology and attempt to enter the Church’s headquarters in Los Angeles, Louis Theroux stated “i find that the most shocking behaviour is motivated by very relatable human impulses,” according to the same source.

Louis Theroux also revealed earlier this year that scientology would also be making a documentary about him, “Just been informed by Scientology lawyers that Scientology is working on a documentary about me. Little bit excited; little bit nervous” stated Theroux on a post from Twitter.