Is One Direction Taking a Break?

Is One Direction Taking a Break?

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“Prepare yourselves, Directioners. The four remaining boys of One Direction will reportedly not be going on tour to support their fifth album and will be taking a break for at least a year to pursue other opportunities,” explained

“In the next year, we might be seeing a lot less of One Direction,” according to The boys in the band, “One Direction”, have all announced that they will be taking a break after their newest album is released. The pop boy band members also tell us that they will not be going on another tour. This may be the end of One Direction as we know it. “The boy band has decided to take at least a year out of focus on solo projects and will not tour their upcoming fifth album,” explained

This may be devastating news to all the Directioners out there, but look at the  slight bright side. “One Direction members Louis Tomlinson, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, and Niall Horan will take at least a year off from the band to pursue their own projects,” reported. Even though the boys will be taking a break, at least they are pursuing other activities. Directioners this means that your favorite “One Direction” members won’t disappear completely.

Remember Directioners, it may only be a year break. Rumors are also  around that “One Direction” may never get back together. “It seems like One Direction can’t make up their mind about the future. In a new  interview, Simon Cowell reveals that they are ‘exhausted’ and their decision to stay together after the break isn’t 100 percent just yet,” reported. Perhaps means that “One Direction” band members are going in different directions after all.