Twenty One Pilots Release New Album


Photo Courtesy of Pinterest

The duo Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun from Twenty One Pilots have released a new album, Blurryface, on Sunday, May 17th reported.

Joseph and Dun are from Columbus, Ohio reported. Blurryface is our inner demons which we are all trying to defeat. Before the release of their album, the twitter account @Blurryface would write clues to their album and act mysterious.

A week before their album was released to the public, Blurryface leaked the album and after one day, it was deleted. The band will also be going on tour for 2015. You can visit the site to find dates and times.

“The duo that is twenty one pilots – Tyler Joseph and Josh Dun – has earned widespread applause for their energetic live sets and distinctive fusion of piano-driven schizoid pop and lyrical uplift,” stated the Twenty One Pilots website.

The album has 14 songs and is over 1 hour long. As of May 18th, the album is number one in the US according to iTunes.