“Annie” Movie Review: A New Twist with “Heart” and “Imagination”


photo courtesy of movie insider.com

Like the original Broadway classic broadway play created in 1982, “Annie”, the main character Annie is an orphaned girl with the big hopes of finding her real parents. However, the movie created in 2014 has a modern day twist on the old one and stars Annie Quvenzhane Wallis as Annie, Cameron Diaz, Jamie Fox, Rose Bryne, and Bobby Cannavale.

Annie,  is about a girl who lives an foster home with four other girls. One day when she is walking along the sidewalk in New York, she runs into Will Stacks, Jamie Fox, and almost gets run over by a car. Will picks her and moves her out of the way of the up coming vehicle. Will happens to be trying to run for Mayor but is slightly behind his competitor, so his employees suggest that he take the young orphan in and raises her for a few weeks in the hopes of raising his popularity in the public’s eye. However, thanks to Annie’s charming wit and personality, she ends winning over Will Stacks. Sadly, all Annie really wants to do is find her real parents.

Debuting December 19, “Annie” has been rated out of five stars,  4.9, states imdb.com. On opening day, Annie made $5,289,149 and the total for the whole week was $15,861,939  and placed third in the box office.

“This ‘Annie’ won’t win any awards for subtlety, much less filmmaking elegance. But a great deal of imagination has been put into it, along with a lot of heart,” states a review on rogerebert.com.