Cheap and Chic Winter DIY Holiday Gifts


          DIY Wood Christmas Sign-

          Supplies: Wood Board (12”x 18”)

                             Wood Stain

                             Fabric Flowers



                             Paint Pen


Step 1-  Stain your wooden board

Step 2- Cut out the fabric flowers and apply them to the wooden board with decoupage with a brush or sponge. Then apply a layer of decoupage over the flowers too.

Step 3- Take the paint pen (preferably white) and write a Christmas quote in the center of the board such as “Merry & Bright”

And you’re done!



DIY Bottle Cap Snowmen

Supplies: three bottle caps

                  White, black, and orange paint

                   Thin paintbrushes

                   Hot glue gun

                   Small ribbon



Step 1: Paint the inside of each bottle cap white

Step 2: Hot glue the bottle caps together on edge

Step 3: Paint the snowman’s eyes and smile (Black dots) and his nose (Orange)

Step 4: Put a dab of glue on the back of the first bottlecap and place a looped ribbon on the glue so it can hang



DIY Christmas Mug

Step 1: Buy 2 white ceramic mugs which you can find at Target or Bed Bath and Beyond

Step 2: Grab colored sharpies like green, red, yellow, etc.

Step 3: draw any design or words on your cup

Step 4: bake the cups at 350 F for 30 minutes to set the color