Katy Perry Concert: “Roars” into Honda Center


Photo: lockerdome.com

“I went to a Katy Perry concert, and experienced pure bliss for the first time in my life,” stated Eden Sher an actress who plays Sue in the hit show the Middle, reported  Bainyquotes.com.

For Perry’s show at  Honda Center on September 16, the  opening act was Tegan and Sara, twin sisters who sang the song “Everything is Awesome.”

Katy Perry  opened with “Roar,” which made the fans go wild as she emerged from the pyramid that was beneath the stage wearing a mirrored mini skirt and crop top that had LED light ropes as the hem.

With her song “Birthday,” she was sent up in the air flying around the entire arena on a rigging done up to look like party balloons, and “Fireworks,” for which the prismatic 3D glasses created a swirl of effects, according to the Orange County Register.

Despite all of the over the top visual effects, costume changes, and energetic performances, Perry did take a few moments to chat with her audience.“I don’t know what I am doing right now,” Perry shared. “This is my favorite time of the show because all I get to do is talk,” reported  the Orange County Register.

When she got to the song “Hot N’ Cold” the dancer looked like misfit rejects from a production of “Cats,” Perry atop a giant ball of yarn. There was nowhere for Perry to hide any weaknesses in her voice when she sang the songs “The One That Got Away” and “By the Grace of God,” the Orange County Register reported.  To hear more of Katy go to her website www.katyperry.com,

“This is my favorite time of the show because all I get to do is talk,” said Katy at during the show, according to the Orange County Register.