Austin Corini: New Artist on the Way


source: Austin Corini

“My biggest inspiration to sing was my mother. She also sings (beautifully) and taught me everything I asked her to teach me. And she encouraged me to take my singing to the next level,” stated 18 year old Gilroy, California musician, Austin Corini.  Austin is a singer, songwriter, and an ice hockey player. He was in the band Playback with Brandon Hassan, Owen Stuart, Johnny Maxwell, and Josh Metzler and they even made top 24 on the X-Factor. The band split up back in 2013 to set out on their own paths.

“Today I’m still inspired by my mother but musically, I am inspired by Michael Jackson. He took music and turned it into something beyond sound, a personal art that no can replicate. His voice was so unique and soothing and his hooks were worth fortune. I want to see what he could see in music,” says Austin.

Austin produces covers on his soundcloud which can be found on his twitter @austincorini. “I think Austin will make it very far because of his extreme talent and inspiring words,” states eighth grader Cassie Scigliano.

He has released his covers, a single called Until the Moon Strikes Fire, and an EP called New Beginning on iTunes. It includes After All, Bring It On, Your Eyes Make the Sunshine, and more. “Austin is really talented and won’t let anyone or anything get in the way of achieving his dreams,” stated Marissa Corrales, a 19 year old fan of Austin from Arizona.

Austin is moving to Los Angeles this summer to start a big project and is going to be doing a lot of writing and he will be releasing big music towards the end of the year and is starting a big project out of the country in 2015.

“As a singer I deal with a lot of haters and stress but doing what you love always comes with sacrifice. Never forget that. No matter what you do, there will always be people who tell you that you’re worthless or not good enough, sometimes even people who you once were close to. But it’s that moment of glory when you stand tall and strong in your success and happiness that makes it all worth it, and you realize you wouldn’t be there without those tough moments. God puts us through tougher times to mold and shape us for our dreams. He doesn’t give us anything impossible. So I thank God for my supporters AND my haters. Because without either of them, I’d never be encouraged to push myself.”