60 Ft Scale Paper Airplane

Twenty two year old Luca Iaconi-Stewart, an aviation fanatic, has built a four foot long cardboard, 1 inch to 60 foot scale replica of an Air India Boeing 777 jet, according to CNN.

“It’s made entirely out of cardboard manila folders, and it’s parked in my own airport replica in a location I have disclosed,” explained Luca Iaconi- Stewart as reported by CNN.

Currently, Stewart has spent over 10,000 hours on his model with approximately 400 manila folders used, and over 75 bottles of glue. The plane is complete with first class and business class seating, a flight attendant’s station, and a pilot’s cockpit.

“I’ve even made cardboard engine turbines, all its missing is the wings, which I have to still put on, but I’ve made them, and the flight attendants, pilots, and some business,” Stewart said, according to KTLA5. “Each seat took me 20 minutes of folding, cutting, and gluing. And for all of us that fly economy know that there are a lot of seats.”

Stewart only has the wings to go now on his model- they’ll make the model 3.5 feet across from tip to tip. “But model making is not something I want to dive back into. Not only is it time consuming, but it’s isolating at times, and frustrating. I want to do something more normal.” Stewart said, according to CNN.