Hidden Mickeys

Photo courtesy of imagesci.com

Photo courtesy of imagesci.com

          Hidden Mickey’s have been around since the original Disneyland first opened- they are subtle forms of the representation of Mickey Mouse’s head. They are hidden in almost every ride, section, attraction, and restaurant in the park! This includes all other Disney parks as well. The game is to find these very well-hidden Mickey’s that are all over the park! This game is fun for pass-holders that want to break the regular routine of just going on rides and seeing attractions.

You can buy a book at Disneyland that gives you hints, (not exact locations) on where these Mickey Heads are. Here are some tips about finding Hidden Mickey’s:

  • If any Mickey’s are very large and elaborate and easily spotted then they are most likely not Hidden Mickey’s. There are exceptions, but few and far between.
  • If you have to squint your eyes, tilt your head, and then vaguely see the silhouette of a Mickey head, then it is also most likely not a Hidden Mickey. According to www.hiddenmickeys.org, you should not have to rely too much on imagination to clearly see a Hidden Mickey. You will know if you find one, because they are usually very evidently made out when spotted.
  • Some Hidden Mickey’s are on fast and thrilling rides, so be alert!

The following are some examples of cleverly Hidden Mickey’s that can be found in Disneyland:

hidden mickey horse

The following Hidden Mickey is on the reigns of carriage horse in Disneyland. It is a very subtle Mickey head and can be found on all of the horses’ harnesses.




hidden mickeyish


This cleverly Hidden Mickey is used as the speakers that blast the exhilarating music on Disneyland’s thrilling ride, SpaceMountain.






This Mickey Head is found on the fading rust of the gas pump sign in the gas station in Disneyland’s Cars Land.




Hidden Mickey’s can be found anywhere in the Disneyland or Disneyworld parks. From peaceful restaurants to thrilling rides, this fun game can be a great way to