Top 10 Apple Apps: Twist, Rage, Road Trips, Zombies, and Good Advice

Currently,  more than 1,000,000 applications or “apps” (475,000 native to iPad) are available to consumers. By contrast as of  June of 2009. approximately 50,000 apps in all were available, according to . With so many apps available, choosing the best can be time consuming. Here is my list of this week’s 10 free apps I personally think are Must Have’s.

10. Do you like Twister? Well, have you ever tried finger twister?  “Knots” is a free app where your fingers are the player. This basic app allows you to set and configure difficulty, and you can go all out with multi-player mode. I’d recommend you get this app for an iPad because it is really hard on an iTouch. All in all I rate this app with 3.5 stars. On the app store, you can find various comments and complaints about this app.

9. Rage Comics are a hilarious and popular sensation. But have you ever made one? “Rage Maker” is a rage comic creator with all of your favorite rage faces and memes. This app I rated a 4 star.

8. “Extreme Road Trip 2” is a crazy car game where your breaks are jammed and you can’t stop the car. With a variety of vehicles, you try to do flips and tricks to keep the engine running. If the engine stops, the car explodes. Try to beat your friends’ high scores! This app is ranked 4 stars, but it is still just a bit better than “Rage Maker”. There is an online demo onhttp://extremeroadtri.

7. Mini Warriors is a game that takes place in the Medieval Era. Train and rally your armada of troops to defend and attack the dark knights. With a variety of knights, archers, horsemen, and other types of troops, try to fend off the enemies for rewards to upgrade your army. I give this app a 4 star rating. This is a triniti interactive game that can be mentioned on .

6. This app is for Minecraft fans. If you are just intermediate when it comes to Minecraft, this app can make you look like a total expert. With brewing recipes, crafting tutorials, furniture ideas, world seeds, and many other helpful tools, this app can make the noobiest of gamers become a pro. For that, I give this app a 4.5 star rating.

5. Ever need advice from people just like you? Do you like giving other people advice? Well, the “Advice” app is perfect. You can choose a category you need help in or like helping in. You also can ‘Give’ or ‘Take’ advice. This helpful app is rated 4.5 stars. The app’s information is mentioned on .

4. “Call of Mini: Zombies” is a Call of Duty Zombies in your pocket! This app has cube-like characters, weapons, and Items. With a variety of Zombies, Guns, Armor, People, and abilities, this app has a 4.5 star rating. This is yet another amazing triniti interactive game. www.trinitigames.nethas more information.

3. Taking the bronze is another call of mini, “Call of Mini Infinity.” This app is related to Halo, with its similar armor, weapons, and arenas. But I recommend you download this app on a 5th Generation iPod, 5th Generation iPad, or any type of an updated iPhone. This app I personally rate a 4.5. If it wasn’t for the iPod 4th Generation lag issue, it would have a 5 star rating. , this app is mentioned a lot.

2. Coming in Second is an action-adventure game, “Infinity Blade II.” With unbelievably amazing graphics and storyline, this app takes my personal #1 Game. This app takes place in the Medieval Era, where you, a knight, are looking for answers. With the release of “Infinity Blade III”, sold for $6.99, Infinity Blade II’s price dropped tremendously. I rated this app with 5 stars because of its tremendous graphics and amazing storyline. Infinity Blade’s official website is found .

1. The #1 app of the week is iTube. iTube is a combination of YouTube and iTunes, allowing you to download, watch, and listen to various videos and music videos for free. It only requires Wi-Fi the first time you view the video. This is a combination of YouTube and iTunes. Then, all of the videos you’ve already watched, you can watch again! This app I rated a whopping 5 stars because it is a useful and free app you can use everyday.