Dead Whale Washes Up at Popular Surf Spot South of San Clemente



Photo Courtesy of Fred Swegles

A dead whale washed up on shore on the cobblestone beach at lower Trestles, a popular surf spot just south of San Clemente on Sunday, reported

Todd Mansur, a boat captain for Dana Wharf Sportfishing & Whale Watching, said “He has seen two dead whales off Orange County shoreline in recent days” said Todd Mansur.

He said he saw the one washed up at Trestles as it neared the waterline, and the other one is expected to wash up at San Clemente State Beach in the next few weeks. Both whales are supposed to be about 40 feet long or longer, reported

Mansur said that from what he saw, was Mother Nature taking its course.

“It looked like nature. There were no marks from ships, no propeller marks, no abrasions, no entanglements,” he said.

Mansur had been leading a whale watch charter asked passengers how they felt about stopping to see the carcass, stated

“They were actually interested, kind of scientifically, about it. I really wanted to check it out to see if there was a reason for death,” said Mansur

Earlier ago Mansur had been seeing great white sharks eating the whale carcass.

“You should always be worried when an animal of that magnitude is on the coastline,” said Mansur. “That element of the unknown can be there.”