The Matador Messenger

The Matador Messenger: First in the District, First in the County

First Newsweek now Bernardo Yorba Middle School. After nearly 20 years BYMS is publishing a student newspaper. In keeping with the times and technology, the  Matador Messenger is publishing online using the SNO  ( School Newspaper Online) WordPress publishing service. Not only is this a first for Bernardo it is a first for Placentia Yorba Linda Unified. The Matador Messenger and its staff of 36 reporters also have the distinction of being the first middle school in Orange County to produce a SNO publication.

The Matador Messenger is in good company publishing online alongside many high schools and colleges nationwide through the SNO network.

After a month of intensive training in journalism, members of the staff  were ready to publish. Editors were chosen, beats assigned, photos taken, badges worn, and interviews and research commenced. Campus news, district news, county, state, national, international, all subjects of interest to students, staff, and the community are researched and reported in our “paper” not just weekly but daily. And fellow Matadors, it is “our” paper. We write for you and about you. Read it. Respond to it. Talk about it and talk to us.

Oh and remember the soda and candy you and your friends purchased at the December dance? Those dollars and quarters will be used to continue to improve your paper. In the coming weeks look for  a dedicated media page with your videos and photos. You will also notice a new and improved masthead.

Of course all of this could not happen without the talent of our staff of editors and reporters. Without their talent and energy the Matador Messenger would not exist. Check out their bios on our staff page. A special thanks also goes out to Sherman Shen and our SITE counsel for their funding.

So here’s to the beginning of a fine tradition!

Christine Perez


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The Matador Messenger: First in the District, First in the County